Fernando Alonso’s Unparalleled Ambition: Pushing the Limits of Motorsport Excellence

Lewis Hamilton Shatters Records Again, but Fernando Alonso Lurks Close Behind

Lewis Hamilton’s dominant victory at the British Grand Prix last Sunday has cemented his place in Formula 1 history, with the Mercedes driver becoming the first to win a race after competing in more than 300 Grands Prix.

Hamilton’s age, 39 and a half, is another record he has achieved, but Fernando Alonso, who is just months away from turning 43, is hot on his heels. Alonso is eager to break historical F1 records, including those set by Hamilton, with whom he has been engaged in a fierce battle.

One record that Hamilton has set is winning a race after competing in over 300 Grands Prix, an astonishing figure that could be surpassed if Alonso continues to win above 400. Abu Dhabi could be the stage where Alonso achieves this feat.

Hamilton’s victory at the British Grand Prix was his oldest of this century and the 12th of all time, while Alonso would move into the top 5 of all-time winners if he achieves the 33rd victory.

Both drivers have a long way to go, with several records set in the 1950s, when F1 was vastly different from today. However, Alonso and Hamilton are making the impossible possible, with Alonso poised to become the first driver to win a Grand Prix at the age of 43 or older.

Another record that Hamilton holds is the distance between his first and last victory, which is now over 17 years. Alonso, who could potentially raise this record to 21 years or more, is well on his way to setting a new benchmark.

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In addition, Alonso is set to surpass the record for the longest time between last two victories, currently held by Patrese and McLaren at 6 years. With Aston, he would pass the decade and double the previous record.

When Alonso wins, he will achieve a remarkable 11 years or 12 between his last two victories, putting him in the company of Vettel and Piquet (father) among the five best of all time.

F1 Records: A Legacy Built

Here are some of the key records held by F1 drivers:

Distance between first and last victory:

  1. Hamilton, Lewis – over 17 years
  2. Alonso, Fernando – potential record holder (21 years or more)

Distance between last two victories:

  1. Patrese, Riccardo and McLaren, Bruce – 6 years
  2. Alonso, Fernando – potential record holder (12 years or more)

Number of drivers to win a Grand Prix over 40:

  1. Hamilton, Lewis – 12
  2. Alonso, Fernando – potential record holder

Drivers to win a Grand Prix with three or more different constructors:

  1. Alonso, Fernando – 4
  2. Moss, Stirling – 5 (legend)

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