Fernando Alonso’s perfectionism puts Alpine engineers on their feet

The team Renault are really in awe of the current season of Alpine and the progress you made through Formula 1. In addition, the victory of Esteban Ocon in Hungary, plus Fernando Alonso’s fourth place confirm what everyone expected and especially for the team’s engineers.

so he thinks Luca de Meo, CEO of the entire Group. The leader believes that the key to all this is the arrival of the Asturian and his work. “Ferdinand it is an extremely important factor for his attitude, motivation and almost obsession in his efforts for perfection”, he explains in an interview.

The senior manager is in no doubt that this course in 2021 is just the beginning for a rise to the elite of the Grand Circus. “We will be more competitive than we are today. I’m sure of that. I want to put the team on a more solid base”, he says.

Likewise, De Meo understands that his team is the image that the entire group that leads the diamond signature needs. “Alpine must show that Groupe Renault can maintain itself at the highest level. The Formula 1 project is at the heart of Alpine’s business model”.

Furthermore, it also clearly says: “With our appearance in Formula 1, we can generate an attention that we would not get with anything else”, he says. The executive believes that changing the team’s name to the historic brand was also worth it. No doubt these were words that surprised many fans.

Finally, he concluded: “Let’s be honest, until recently no one outside of France, apart from a few fans, had anything to do with the Alpine brand. It is now on the minds of many more people. We haven’t launched a new model in a long time, but sales have increased three to four times more than before. “

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