Fernando Alonso’s latest genius sinks Hamilton

Fernando Alonso wants to take advantage of this at the Las Vegas Grand Prix

At the recent Grand Prix in Las Vegas Fernando Alonso has once again demonstrated his insight and ability in Formula 1, even in a race that wasn’t the best of the season for him. Despite a difficult start with a spin at the start caused by oil on the track, Alonso remained competitive and looked for every opportunity to improve your position.

This attitude of Alonso, always vigilant and trying to take advantage of every situationis what has shaped him throughout his career. In Las Vegas he didn’t miss the opportunity to score a few more pointseven after crossing the finish line.

Fernando Alonso
The Las Vegas race was a clear example of Alonso combining his on-track prowess with a keen sense of the rules, a combination that continues to impress and captivate motorsport fans.

Alonso’s change after the race: A search for sporting justice

At the end of the race, when the cars crossed the checkered flag, an unusual situation occurred: The stewards issued a double yellow flag in the final area of ​​the race track. This theoretically prohibits drivers from overtaking other cars for safety reasons. However, under these circumstances, Lewis Hamilton overtook Alonso, a maneuver that did not go unnoticed by the Asturian.

With his knowledge of the regulations and his pilot instinct, Fernando did not hesitate to radio this situation to his engineer.. This approach reflects not only his acumen on the field, but also his constant pursuit of equity and fairness in competition.

Alonso and his relationship with the F1 rules: A smart and experienced driver

The It is not the first time that Fernando Alonso has proven himself to be a strategist in the circuit. His ability to interpret the rules and exploit racing situations is well known in the world of Formula 1.. This episode in Las Vegas is another example of Alonso using his experience and knowledge to improve his position in the championship.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix once again showed us the cunning and experience of Fernando Alonso. His ability to master complex situations and his constant search for opportunities, even in the most difficult moments, make him one of the most outstanding drivers in Formula 1..

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