Home Sports Fernando Alonso’s lapidary phrase that definitively sinks Alpine

Fernando Alonso’s lapidary phrase that definitively sinks Alpine

The Asturian continues to give everything to what will soon be his former team

With each passing day, the farewell of Fernando Alonso in the Alpine F1 Teamand this time he attacked the team again with a phrase striking. Once again it’s over gp this time in Japanin which the Asturian pilot finished seventh, and is now in box 9 in the general table behind his teammate Esteban Ocon.

Alonso complained again about the management What does your team do in the boxes, and which meant him to gain more places in the Asian race, according to him. Once the competition was over, which by the way he won again Max Verstappenthe man from Oviedo expressed a few words that will remain in the memory of the entire French team.

Fernando Alonso phrase
Alonso finished in 7th position at the Japanese GP, but could have been closer to the lead had it not been for errors in the pits.

“What are you doing to me this year?” the phrase with which Fernando Alonso vented

It is definitely not being a good year for the 41-year-old driver in Formula 1, and there are several factors that have influenced that performance. Alonso attributes the majority to his own team in terms of the design of his car, and on other occasions, such as in Japan, to the management of his team in the pits.

This Alonso said after the race at the Suzuka Circuit. “What a mistake, huh, I mean strategically, what are you doing to me this year?” And then he added. “I was asking to pit earlier both times, but today my microphone maybe didn’t work. In the end we are in the same place where we left.

Fernando Alonso is not at all happy in the Alpine

With these types of events, Fernando Alonso is convinced every day that signing with Aston Martin from 2023 has been the best decision he has made in many years. His current team always finds a reason to screw up the performance that he always prints in the races, and his patience runs out.

“We always stop late the times we decide to go in. At the beginning I was only on the extreme wet tires and we lost several positions. And in the end we made an extra stop, but only six laps from the end and it wasn’t the time to make a difference” said the very disappointed Spanish rider, who is already counting down the days to leave the Alpine.

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