Fernando Alonso’s huge dart warns of the manipulative F1 lobby

In this way, the Spanish driver refers to the great management by Verstappen

One of the hardest times you will ever remember Fernando Alonso it was in the 2007 when there he faced a change of team after winning two world titles, landing in one of the most important structures in the F1. A dream come true that became nightmare as some events unfolded.

Spaniards do not forget the great influence that the british press in the events that ended up costing him a world title, and how they managed to put the world in Formula 1 against the Spanish pilot before the arrival of a new talent, British, such as that of Lewis hamilton.

Fernando Alonso F1
Alonso raises criticism of the competition

The memory of Fernando Alonso in F1 brings him some unpleasant moments

Likewise, he does not forget how the editorial manager of the largest motor press group of that 2007 curiously ended up as McLaren’s press officer in 2008. He has already done it on several occasions, and now he has repeated it again in an interview with From Telegraaf.

In this way he warns Max Verstappen that it is very difficult not to be British in this category. “We have seen how the British machinery was put back into operation. But Max is handling it very well. It is being a very interesting championship, also off the circuits ”, commented Alonso, flattering Verstappen.

The pressure of several pilots has been reflected through the accidents

Fernando gives as an example the difference in treatment in the two accidents that the candidates for the title have had between them this season. “If you look at the accidents this season, they weren’t judged in the same way. Red Bull interfered after the Silverstone accident, but the rest, it was all very quiet, “he said.

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Finally, Fernando spoke specifically of Hamilton, pointing to him as a driver who has a worse time than others as the pressure mounts. The Spaniard said he was sure that Hamilton will succumb to pressure from Verstappen. “When Lewis was fighting alone against Bottas, everything was fantastic. But now he’s under pressure and he’s in trouble. ”, He concluded.

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