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Fernando Alonso without mincing words with the Hamilton accident

Australian pilot Daniel Ricciardo from Mclaren achieved a surprising victory in the Grand Prix race of Italy, a date where the Dutch Max verstappen from Red bull and the british Lewis hamilton from Mercedes they were canceled when they were involved in an accident that left both out of the fight for victory.

The Formula 1 he was living round 26 when the current champion and the current Leader, who paid for their wrong passage through the pits, they found themselves on the track. This ended with a touch in turn 2, after the Dutchman got on the piano that sent both cars to the gravel.

The action ended with the Red Bull perched on top of the Mercedes and the wheel of the Austrian car over the head of the Briton in an unprecedented image. As a result of this, Fernando Alonso, at the Alpine press conference, valued the accident that Hamilton and Verstappen had as “a racing incident”.

According to the Asturian pilot, both were unlucky and likewise both the pilot Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen “did what they had to do”. But “it was an unfortunate position, in an unfortunate corner” and with a sausage inside the corner that made the Dutchman’s car jump.

“They are two champions and they are always fighting to the limit. And today, to be honest, I have seen the incident repeated and it seems that it was an unfortunate position, an unfortunate corner, the sausage, and the car of driver Max Verstappen jumped a little and then one wheel touched another and the car flew “, says Alonso.

And likewise Fernando Alonso, said: But it was a slow curve. I do not think that today was something big, Silverstone probably was the touch of Hamilton to Max in a very fast corner, but today was just a race incident, “said the Oviedo driver.

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