Fernando Alonso warns Verstappen by 2024: Aston Martin will eat Red Bull

Relentless warning of Spanish cunning to Dutch pilot by 2024

The start of the 2023 season has been an exciting one for the Spanish driver and his team, Aston Martin. After a decade without having a competitive car, the Spanish driver once again had a car capable of competing in the elite and at least aiming for the podium. However, the illusions of Fernando Alonso has been faded throughout the 2023 season, both Aston Martin and Red Bull and their star driver, Max Verstappenthey were insurmountable obstacles for the Spaniard in his quest for the title.

With the current championship practically decided, the attention of Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin is on a 2024 succeeded. The main objective is to get close to the Red Bulls, who, although they are no longer as dominant as they were in the first few races, still show an impressive long run pace. To achieve this, the team joins Mercedes in the strategy of looking to the future and planning a significant improvement to compete. for the World Cup.

Fernando Alonso Verstappen
The Asturian driver is convinced that everything that happens in 2023 will lay the foundations for a more successful 2024

Preparing for the challenge: Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin against the dominance of Verstappen

Faced with the reality of an already doomed World Cup, Fernando Alonso acknowledges that his focus is on next year. The Asturian driver is convinced that everything that happens in 2023 will lay the foundations for a more successful 2024. He and his team must learn from tough weekends and understand their rivals to get stronger and take the last step towards winning the competition.

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Aston Martin joins Mercedes to focus on 2024 season. Both teams have chosen to look further and begin preparing to compete for the World Cup. Even though the Red Bulls are no longer as clearly superior as they were in the opening rounds of the season, their race pace remains formidable.

The bet for the future

In this quest to improve and compete with Red Bull, Lewis Hamilton is also clear that his current car will no longer be the main focus. The Mercedes team will focus on developing and refining the car it will use in 2024. The intention is to bridge the gap with the current leaders and try to wrest supremacy from them.

While the year 2023 has not been as planned for Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin, their focus on the future is what will enable them to move towards a 2024 more competitive and exciting. The initial enthusiasm has turned into determination, and both the Spanish rider and his team are determined to work hard to achieve success and compete on equal terms with the powerful Red Bull.

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