Fernando Alonso supports Hamilton in the World Cup

The Spanish driver will target Mercedes in the second phase of the 2023 Formula 1 season

With the start of the second phase of the 2023 season, excitement is returning to Formula 1 racetracks. The Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort marks the beginning of a crucial stage in the fight for the championship. In the middle of Attention is drawn to the battle between two titans, Fernando Alonso representing Aston Martin and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

After a promising start, Aston Martin faces a major challenge. Despite a spectacular start to the season, the Mercedes team was able to build up a lead of 51 points in the Constructors Championship. The question in the paddock is whether Aston Martin will be able to reverse this situation and return to the battle for second place.

Fernando Alonso
Though the challenges are obvious, the pilot’s passion and determination will keep him in the fight.

Fernando Alonso has realistic goals for the rest of the season

Fernando Alonso, who has been in the spotlight for the first half of the season, has realistic goals for the races Coming The Spanish driver expressed his desire to help Aston Martin secure at least third place in the constructors’ championship, a position he is currently fighting for with Ferrari. As for the Drivers’ Championship, Alonso conceded that keeping Hamilton behind will be a tough challenge.

Despite the struggles on the track, Alonso has his eyes on the future. The Asturian driver stressed the importance of having a clear vision for the development of the car ahead of the 2024 season. Alonso emphasized the team’s continuous improvement and focused on fully understanding the car to maintain momentum.

You want to keep the focus on development

As for the present Alonso expressed his gratitude for Aston Martin’s surprisingly competitive performance in the first half of the year.. He explained that they took every chance they had and were in a strong position from the start of the season. With the competition now tight between Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin and McLaren, Alonso is determined to continue the battle at every race until the final race in Abu Dhabi.

Definitely, The second phase of the 2023 Formula 1 season promises intense emotions like Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin They want to gain ground in the tough competition and remain competitive. Although the challenges are obvious, the Spanish rider’s passion and determination will keep him in contention for the championship, making each race an exciting chapter in this gripping tale of speed and skill.

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