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Fernando Alonso stops Aston Martin in Singapore and sets another date for the 33rd

The Spanish driver challenges Aston Martin and postpones the search for his 33rd victory

Fernando Alonso has returned to the wheel of his McLaren to stop Aston Martin in Singapore. But the wait for his 33rd victory in Formula 1 is taking a long time. The key date of October 8th is fast approaching and the chances of seeing the Spanish driver at the top of the podium are shrinking as Max Verstappen continues his relentless dominance.

Since the start of the season, Max Verstappen has been an unstoppable force on the track. With an almost flawless performance, the Dutchman won the most races and achieved 14 podium places. Even his Red Bull teammate Checo Pérez had difficulty keeping up with him. It seems that Verstappen has no rival at the moment.

Fernando Alonso Singapore
The experienced Spanish driver, who competes for the Aston Martin team, faces a huge challenge

Fernando Alonso will not win the 33rd race in Singapore on October 8, the crucial date

From October 8th, after Qatar, the scenario could change in favor of Fernando Alonso. The Asturian will closely monitor the Red Bull team’s performance and take advantage of any mistakes to deliver the final blow. For his part, the young Dutchman has made clear his desire for his team to be on the podium at every race and so far he is keeping his promise.

With a lead of 145 points over his closest rival Checo Pérez, Verstappen is in a strong position to become world champion. If things continue like this and Verstappen wins in Singapore and Japan, he could become a three-time world champion in Qatar. This could pave the way for Alonso to compete without the pressure of the title on the line, which could open up opportunities for the Spanish driver.

The Spanish pilot’s hope for Qatar

Although the task seems arduous, Fernando Alonso has the determination and talent to compete with the best drivers in the world. Formula 1 fans are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this exciting season and the possibility of Alonso claiming his long-awaited 33rd victory.

While Max Verstappen continues his dominance in Formula 1, Fernando Alonso’s hope of victory in race number 33 remains, looking to the races to Qatar as a possible chance to achieve his goal. The world of motorsports is watching every move in this exciting battle for track supremacy.

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