Fernando Alonso speaks openly about his departure from Alpine

From Oviedo it has been possible to know in detail his departure from the French team

Fernando Alonso He continues to give what to talk about after his departure from Alpine. The two-time world champion has been protagonist of one of the movements of the market that still sounds strong. His signing for aston martin It has caused a stir and the arguments for his goodbye are already known.

Let us remember that the Spanish pilot gave a complete surprise to the structure based on Enstone. They considered the veteran from Oviedo to have at least one more year, but doubts began to tip the balance towards a change of scenery. Furthermore, the removal of Sebastian Vettel He was decisive in the movement.

Spa Fernando Alonso
The two-time champion talks about the reasons for his departure from Alpine

Fernando Alonso refers to his departure from Alpine for 2023

In this way it is that Fernando Alonso has been clear that his goodbye to Alpine was due to different circumstances. One of them was the handling that has been given to him since his return to the French team. They wanted to assess his age and not the results he was achieving. Instead, the British have opted for an initial two-year contract.

“At Alpine every year they were going to evaluate me based on my age. At Aston Martin I found a proposal that shows that they will welcome me with open arms”. It is what the two-time world champion has commented on the matter precisely with Renault and that has also made clear the lack of management that exists in the team.

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The pilot has referred to the lack of confidence in the structure of Enstone

He has even talked about the confidence factor, which is quite key in Formula 1 to achieve the expected results. “They put all their trust in me and they don’t look at the passport, but at the results.” It is the last dart that Fernando Alonso has thrown at Alpine when the return of the competition approaches.

Regarding the change of team to one that has a not at all reliable performance, the Spaniard has confirmed that he has no problems. “Right now I know where Alpine is and where Aston Martin is. But looking ahead, there may be more possibilities at Aston Martin. At least, that’s what I believe and hope.”

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