Fernando Alonso speaks clearly about the spending ceiling and Red Bull

The Spaniard recalls that squeezing the loopholes in the regulation is part of F1

In the last hours, Fernando Alonso has spoken about the controversy of budget ceilingespecially for Red Bull. The two-time champion of the world remembers that exploiting gray areas or loopholes in the regulation is part of the nature of Formula 1. His words generated a lot of controversy among all his followers.

And it is that Red Bull is in the eye of the storm. The team has returned to the headlines because yesterday the FIA offered him a sanction proposal for having violated the budget ceiling. The team has called a press conference this morning to probably give its opinion regarding the offer of the Federation.

Fernando Alonso 2023
Alonso analyzes what happened with Red Bull and the sanction that is coming

The Spaniard was a bit upset at the FIA ​​press conference

The FIA ​​press conference was the perfect place yesterday to hear the drivers’ opinion on the controversy. For Fernando Alonso this is nothing new and he remembers that squeezing out the loopholes in the regulation is something that has always been done in Formula 1.

The Spaniard insists that he trusts those who govern the sport, although he recalls that in the past there have been violations of the regulations without immediate consequences. “They have always been part of Formula 1. The budget ceiling is new, but there have always been things that you could squeeze, gray areas,” Alonso began by saying.

Fernando Alonso defends the illegality of Red Bull

People who have won championships have always done so by squeezing a gray area. The other teams copy it and get to that level or that which was allowed for a couple of races is prohibited. It is the nature of Formula 1″, commented Fernando at the press conference this Thursday.

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“Ferrari won two races in 2019 with something that everyone knew was not legal and nothing happened. Those two wins stood. Imagine if they had won the World Cup with that engine. In the end I trust the people who have the power. I’m just a pilot”, added the two-time champion to close.

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