Home Sports Fernando Alonso requests the signing of Aston Martin to finish sinking Alpine

Fernando Alonso requests the signing of Aston Martin to finish sinking Alpine

The Asturian requested a very special element from his new team and without a doubt, his wish will be granted

The changes that Fernando Alonso will bring to Aston Martin they will be amazing. And it is that after a season in which the confrontations with his partner Esteban Ocon and with his own team they have monopolized the limelight, the Asturian is excited about his time at Aston Martín, which he did not arrive alone.

The team works on a revolution by 2023 and in a few months he will inaugurate the best factory in Formula 1. But also, as happens every time the Spaniard signs for a new team, the team of engineers has already set to work to offer you a winning car.

aston martin alonso
The Asturian hopes to shine in 2023 with the British

The 2023 season for the British team aims to be one of the best in the world

And it is that Alpine is already just a memory for the Asturian pilot who, even so, has dealt him one last blow by removing a man he trusts from the team. This is Michael Clayton, his personal press officer at Alpine. A big surprise for everyone on the team.

This is an unprecedented measure of the two-time Formula 1 world champion since Alonso had never taken a press officer from one team to another. This confirms the last of the departures triggered by the fright of the Asturian. According to some media, his landing is already closed.

The requirements of Fernando Alonso to Aston Martin and that would be of benefit to all

It is not a technician but the personal press officer who accompanied Fernando Alonso in Alpine. The Spaniard worked with him at ease during his two years at the French team and has asked him to sign for Aston Martin. A wish that his new team has not hesitated to grant.

Now, Fernando Alonso expects improvements in his new car after the setback caused by the FIA’s decision to ban his rear wing. The new design of the aileron rear was intended to retain local airflow on the wing but the FIA ​​will not allow this after 2023.

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