Fernando Alonso receives disturbing notice from Aston Martin, what can happen?

The four-time Formula 1 world champion, Vettel, confessed that he is not happy with the British team

The figures of Vettel make it a unique pilot. 53 wins, 57 pole positions, 122 podiums and 299 Grand Prix later, the German goes down in the history of the F1. The germanic is in the final stretch of his career, but this worries Fernando Alonso who will reach Aston-Martin.

The German has already commented in several media outlets that he will completely disassociate himself from being able to return or be a commentator. Vettel has justified that this decision lies in what was experienced in Aston Martin in these last two years. And it is that the German has always been blunt when asked about the team.

Fernando Alonso Aston
Vettel’s warning to Alonso worries the Oviedo

The pilot concluded in the interview that now the most important thing is his family

“To get answers to the questions that were open, this time at Aston Martin was important on this occasion and has contributed to my decision. The fact that I’m not currently sitting in a car where I can show what I’m really capable of, also contributed to my retirement.”

Sebastian Vettel is clear that his family is the most important thing for him: “They are a priority for me, but on the other hand, I am very consistent in my sport and every year it becomes more difficult to do the right thing for them, not only because there are more and more careers by season”.

Vettel’s statements about Aston Martin worry Fernando Alonso

Now Vettel’s decision scares Fernando Alonso who will try his luck at the team. The statements of the team’s engineers indicate that the ambition to make a better car has increased and there will be a real revolution. The proof is that you are using all the budget that the FIA.

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The team, at least for now, has not wanted to respond to Vettel about his words where it can be interpreted that he is not very happy with the operation of the car or with the general decisions that have been made at key moments of the season that have could harm.

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