Fernando Alonso more bantaming than ever now that Alpine is flying

For true fans of motoring, it’s not a secret that Fernando Alonso It’s one of the best and most now that’s in Alpine. Even so, at age 40, he is at a gigantic level of achievement and has a wisdom acquired over many years of racing.

Furthermore, the same pilot recognizes him through his words by stating that his current self would easily conquer him. twentysomething. “What I feel may seem contradictory to outsiders because it seems like in sport we get confused about an athlete’s age and performance,” but he continued.

“This is not the Tour de France, nor is it football, where at 23 you are at the peak of your performance. If I raced against my 23-year-old self now, I would beat him with one hand. It’s not the same. It’s not how young you are, it’s how fast you are,” he says.

On the other hand, Oviedo has rope for a while. Your intention is to follow as much as you can. Keep the usual hunger. “There are people who want to see new names, want to see new promises, want to get rid of some of the names they see every weekend, but I see myself running for a long time”

“If it’s F1, great; if it’s not F1, I’ll try to pursue some of the challenges that lie outside of F1, to become the most complete driver that has ever existed in motorsport”, he says. Without a doubt, these were words that caught the attention of all motorsport fans.

Fernando doesn’t venture to talk about 2022, the key year for the ‘Great Circus’. It will be the beginning of a new era with changing regulations. “We’re working on next year’s project, but it’s still too early to talk, because we don’t have anything to compare with”, he concludes.

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