Fernando Alonso is Mercedes’ plan B

The possible arrival of Fernando Alonso at Mercedes seems to be a strategy given the future vacancy of Lewis Hamilton

The motorsport world is well aware of Fernando Alonso’s impressive abilities as a Formula 1 champion. On the eve of the season, Fernando Alonso appears determined to promote his credentials for the future, especially now that he is being considered The pilot market has been completely transformed by Lewis Hamilton’s surprise move to Ferrari for 2025, leaving a possible vacancy at Mercedes.

Since the second half of last year, Mike Krack, Aston Martin’s crew chief, has expressed his desire to extend Alonso’s contract, a relationship based on trust and openness. However, Alonso has not rushed the possibility of a contract extension, suggesting that he is in no hurry to extend his contract. His top priority appears to be continuing a project he believes has a future, but his willingness to consider options underscores the ambiguity of the pilot market beyond 2024.

Fernando Alonso Mercedes
“I’m the only one available for the 25th,” says Alonso, highlighting his availability compared to other fast world champions on the grid.

Alonso and his future, between loyalty to Aston Martin and championship options

Fernando Alonso, 42, is at a critical moment in his career and is considering whether there is a viable path to another championship in his remaining years at the highest level. Their approach is not just to take part in Formula 1 for “fun”; When you commit to a project, it’s about fighting for mastery. This mentality puts him in a privileged position and is potentially attractive to other teams including Mercedes, if he decides that Aston Martin doesn’t suit his championship ambitions.

Marketing work and targeted results are only part of your preparation. This signals a comprehensive commitment that could extend your career for several more years as long as you stay motivated and committed. The possibility of Mercedes being a viable option for Alonso increases when you consider that it is not the team’s Plan A, but rather a hugely popular alternative to up-and-coming youngsters like Andrea Kimi Antonelli, Mercedes’ promise in Formula 2.

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Alonso’s role in the Mercedes chess

While Mercedes is eyeing Antonelli as Hamilton’s long-term successor, Alonso is proving to be a solid and immediate option to fill a temporary gap or adapt to the team’s plans if Antonelli is not ready. Alonso does not see the possibility of a temporary solution as a negative thing; is confident that he can excel and remain with the team, even though he was initially considered as a transition option.

George Bernard Shaw said that all progress is made by unreasonable men, by those who see things differently. Alonso, This proves that F1 drivers can be competitive even in their 40sHe fits this description, he challenges conventional wisdom and holds on to his pursuit of another world title.

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