Fernando Alonso hands over the batteries to Aston Martin at the Singapore GP

The Spanish driver is preparing for the Singapore Grand Prix and is aware of the challenges he faces.

The cycle of Marina Bay is preparing to welcome one of Formula 1’s most famous drivers, Fernando Alonso, to Aston Martin. Although the predictions for the Spaniard seem promising, he himself is cautious and realistic about the challenge that the Singapore Grand Prix presents. Max Verstappen is in impeccable shape and wants to continue his winning streak. Although Verstappen does not have a brilliant record at this circuit, Alonso is aware that victory will be a difficult task.

In a pre-race press conference, the Spanish driver addressed several topics: including his own potential record of one million kilometers traveled in Marina Bay. Alonso recalled his first years of testing in 2002, during which he covered around 40,000 kilometers, and expressed his hope of seeing the checkered flag in Singapore, which usually means scoring points.

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin
The Spanish driver wants to make up ground for Aston Martin and reach a personal milestone.

The challenge of Alonso and Aston Martin in the search for third place in the championship

For For Aston Martin, the goal of regaining third place in the Constructors’ Championship is of utmost importance in this final phase of the season. Fernando Alonso stressed the importance of consistently scoring points, pointing out that there will be races where Aston Martin could be the second car in terms of performance, while in others it could be fifth or sixth . Maintaining race after race and collecting points.

As for the race itself, Fernando Alonso moderated the expectations that had been raised in the previous weeks. He was aware of the demanding nature of the Marina Bay circuit and pointed out that great confidence in the car was required, similar to that required in Monaco or Baku. Alonso expressed his hope to build this self-confidence in the first training sessions and deliver an outstanding performance.

Expectations of a good result

However, He recalled that his team was not competitive in Monza and therefore hopes that everything will be different in Singapore. although he recognizes that the competition is fierce and is aware of the challenges he faces. While Max Verstappen dominates, the Spanish driver’s focus is on making up ground for Aston Martin and achieving a personal milestone.

Without a doubt, Fernando Alonso is ready to face the Singapore Grand Prix with realism and determination. While he aims to reach a million kilometers in his career, he is also working alongside Aston Martin to achieve a strong performance in the Constructors’ Championship. Although he recognizes the challenges of the Marina Bay circuit, Alonso hopes to give his best and fight for a good result in this exciting race.

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