Home Sports Fernando Alonso explains openly what he can do with the Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso explains openly what he can do with the Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso explains openly what he can do with the Aston Martin

The Spaniard faces a new stage in 2023 with the British team in search of his third title

Fernando Alonso looks forward to the 2023 season with Aston Martin. The pilot started from Alpine and is already part of the British team, with which he started action in the past tests in Abu Dhabi. In this context, it is necessary to highlight the sensations of the two-time world champion in his new team.

At 41 years old, Fernando Alonso He is the most experienced driver in F1 and now Aston Martin. The double world champion had an irregular season with Alpine, where reliability problems were a constant. However, Aston Martin, a Mercedes team, offers an opportunity to fight solidly in the middle zone.

The Spaniard is already clear about what he can achieve with the Aston Martin car

Fernando Alonso closed his stage at Alpine this course to take charge of the Aston Martin project

The Spaniard offered an interview to a media outlet where he talked about his possibility of being champion again. The Spanish driver acknowledges that although the odds are slim, he reiterated his willingness to give his all to contribute to the development of the Silverstone-based team.

“No. I think she wouldn’t accept that. I wouldn’t go on if I didn’t think we might have a chance. I don’t know if it’s a one or a ten percent chance, but I’m only continuing because I think we’ll have a chance, ”explained Fernando Alonso when he was asked about the chances of returning to maximum glory.

The Silverstone-based team received an injection of capital and reinforcements at the engineering level

“Next year, closing the gap that Aston Martin has now, I think is unrealistic. But we have to lay the foundations for the cars of the future and to outperform our rivals. The F1 it is a very competitive environment, so to become a champion, you have to offer something special”, continued Alonso.

“I am ready to contribute something special on my part. But I expect the same from them”, declared the driver of the team that will present his car on February 13, 2023. The AM23 will be the next car of the “Magic” Alonso, who will form a pair with the important Lance Stroll.

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