Fernando Alonso does not swallow him: he puts the cross on him and it is not Hamilton

The Asturian remembered the words in which a Haas pilot referred

The arrival of Fernando Alonso to Aston Martin has been one of the most successful decisions of the Spanish. The driver is going through one of his best stages at the wheel of a car that could continue to add important titles. But in some cases, even the best get the worst reviews.

And it is that Fernando Alonso has been highly criticized both by fellow professionals and by some analysts and experts in the world of Formula 1. It should be remembered that the Nano suffered a depression in 2018, which almost left us without the best Spanish driver of all time.

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Alonso has been clear about one of his great critics

The current Danish pilot dazzled his followers with some strong statements for the Oviedo

Alonso acknowledged that he was close to retiring in 2018. “I was at a low point, and I didn’t want that because my performance, my competitiveness, were as high as ever at that time, but people didn’t see it.“, admitted the Spaniard frustrated by his bad season at McLaren, when he finished eleventh in the world championship.

At that time, he went through a depression that meant that he will temporarily leave Formula 1. That season received strong criticism from Kevin Magnussen, currently a Haas driver. The Dane even said that “Fernando Alonso believes he is God. I am looking forward to him retiring ”, some statements that were not well received.

Fernando Alonso now wants to win one of the most difficult tournaments for his career

Since then, the relationship between the two is non-existent and they don’t even speak. Luckily, Fernando regained his confidence again. First in the 24 hours of Le Mans, where he won twice, or in the Dakar Rally, to finally return to the F1 grid and get back in a single-seater.

I’m showing that I’m still fast, no matter how old I am, that’s part of the comeback story. Winning the 33rd Grand Prix or fighting for a championship would add even more drama to the story”, said Alonso, who does not doubt his chances of winning the Monaco Grand Prix.

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