Fernando Alonso dethrones Red Bull in a submissive manner

The Spanish driver reflects on what he saw during testing at the Sakhir circuit shortly before the end of the pre-season

In the last few hours, Fernando Alonso called Verstappen the winner of Formula 1 2024 and the sensations of the Bahrain tests prove him right; The final day disappointed those who were expecting some sort of Q3; Red Bull held back, McLaren and Aston Martin concentrated on race pace and only Ferrari is aiming high.

We are 19 pilots who believe we won’t win the world championship“said Fernando Alonso this morning before the start of the final day of F1 testing in Bahrain, also referring to Red Bull. Then, despite what the numbers say, you have the feeling that he is absolutely right. Although Ferrari insists on taking it away.

The man from Oviedo has high hopes for the F1 season, in which he wants to surprise Red Bull

All F1 drivers completed the necessary tests for the debut in Bahrain

On the final day of Formula 1 testing, Charles Leclerc was in the lead in his Ferrari, closely followed by George Russell’s Mercedes. The Dutch driver was the only one with a medium tire (C3) in the top six. In fact, he didn’t even make it to the podium after Zhou’s final time knocked him out of third place.

Fernando Alonso has very high goals. After one lap, four tenths compared to Max Verstappen’s Red Bull show how close it is. And when it comes to race pace, his endurance and times only make him optimistic about the season. “It will be more difficult to have surprises. “We have to see that in the first few races,” said the Spaniard.

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Fernando Alonso believes Red Bull has all the power of Formula 1, but he leaves them all the responsibility of producing surprises

On the other hand, Alonso said in an interview: “Max is the champion and Red Bull now dominates the sport, even the design was a surprise this year, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens next and take our hats off for now. After seeing the car, I think there are fewer chances to win a race this year, that’s just how it is,” he admits openly.

The journalist is surprised by this conclusion and Fernando concludes: “This sport is so brutal 99% of the time“. Finally, he insists that his future “isn’t decided yet, I know my position is interesting and I’ll wait for a few races, also see how I feel and how I see such a long year.” I hope “To have a very fast car in 2025,” he said. Nevertheless, the two-time world champion knows that the distances have been shortened and that they can make it more difficult for Red Bull with Aston Martin.

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