Fernando Alonso caught in a historic fight with the Aston Martin mechanics

The talented Asturian driver is involved in an intense discussion with the team’s mechanics

At the recent Austrian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso, was involved in a historic fight with the mechanics of Aston Martin due to a serious calculation error. During qualifying, Alonso had already shown that something was not going well, as he was forced to settle for seventh position despite problems from Checo Pérez and George Russell. However, the situation worsened during the race, revealing the latent frustration that Alonso carries with him.

The moment of tension occurred shortly after the start of the Grand Prix, when the implementation of the Virtual Safety Car was announced. The most astute teams took advantage of this situation to change their strategy and sent their drivers to the pits. Fernando Alonso, for his part, remained expectant, but decided to continue with the planned plan in the absence of news from its engineers.

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin
In search of solutions to avoid recurring problems

Alonso achieves fifth position despite setbacks with Aston Martin

It was at that moment that Aston Martin ordered him to enter the pit lane, however, Alonso had already passed the entrance to the pit lane and was unable to comply with the order. “Next lap! You can’t tell me so late, mate. Alonso responded visibly angry, given the lack of foresight on the part of Aston Martin. Despite this setback, the Asturian driver demonstrated his skill at the wheel and managed to stay in fifth position, avoiding being penalized for leaving the margins.

Despite of anger that Fernando Alonso experienced due to the serious failure of Aston Martin during the race, decided to keep his composure in public and look for the positive side of the situation at the end of the race. However, he made it clear that the team needs to understand why the problems in Austria recur year after year and find solutions to avoid them in future seasons.

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A serious miscalculation

“We have to understand why it happened. Last year the team had a hard time here, this year again, it is a pattern that repeats itself, we must understand it to solve it for next season”said Fernando Alonso, thus sending a message to Aston Martin and highlighting the importance of addressing this issue to improve future performance.

Despite the tension experienced at the Austrian Grand Prix, the driver demonstrated his skill and determination by achieving an outstanding fifth position. Now both he and his team will work together to analyze the causes of the miscalculation and take corrective measures to avoid recurring problems in the future.

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