Fernando Alonso also a crack in social networks

The Asturian assures that nobody manages his profiles, and that he is enjoying F1 more than ever

Just three days after the tenth anniversary of his last Formula 1 victory, Fernando Alonso continue to enjoy the best start to the World Cup who has lived precisely in the last ten years and this has been reflected in their social networks. Thanks to Aston Martin he has 4 out of 5 podiums.

Furthermore, it is no secret to anyone that Fernando Alonso has stood out among many for having a somewhat difficult personality. However, since a while he has been seen a little looser with his fans.. And that is reflected even in his social networks, in which he still sends funny messages.

Alonso can surprise with Aston Martin in 2023
The man from Oviedo also stands out on social networks

Fernando Alonso demonstrates his love for social networks and his interaction with his fans

I think my social media has always been fun, and it’s always been a bit tongue-in-cheek and things like that. But it is true that we now live in a different world that is much more interested in social networks, and the younger generation is following F1, so maybe it is more obvious.

He even counted. “I remember that in the Ferrari era, for example, I was also quite active on social media. and he did a lot of samurai stuff and samurai dating and things like that. But probably back then we didn’t have the following that we have now.” He fondly recounted the two-time world champion.

The man from Oviedo remembers his past and is grateful to be currently at Aston Martin

“I also think that other drivers have a social guide that is doing their social media, so they are very polite. I don’t have any of that, so I post what I want and the comments I want, to make it more authentic, and people like that.“. Alonso assures.

Finally, he spoke of disappointment with Ferrari and hell at McLaren, where Alonso decided to quit F1. He won in other categories, and returned to the Great Circus. “The downtime helped me, maybe not so much in the driving style, but I think in the mentality and the focus and the motivation“.

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