Fernando Alonso airs shameful favor deals with Michael Masi

The Spanish driver opens a new chapter in the controversy with the race director

Fernando Alonso not for his criticism of Michael Masi and decisions that not only harm the pilot of Alpine F1 Team. The situation is such that other competitors of the Formula 1 They have joined the Oviedo and have expressed their rejection of the decisions made by the Australian.

And it is that the discontent of the majority of the grill of the F1 It is not from now, it has been in the eye of the hurricane for a long time. Of course, in the recent season and in the last races is where the problems with the race director have worsened. Is he arch enemy of the two-time champion, who in turn has listed the failures he has had.

Alonso very upset with Masi’s decisions

Fernando Alonso reveals the failings of Michael Masi

On the return of Fernando Alonso to the ‘Gran Circo’, he met a Michael Masi very different from the referee at the time he said goodbye to the competition, Charlie Whiting. The latter was not the best, but being so strict he passed for being fair, and even, when he received an objection with arguments, he gave in a little.

Masi came to F1 after the sudden death of Charlie Whiting where in 2019 he went from F2 and F3 to Formula 1. He did not have much time to adapt and from the beginning he showed that he would have problems due to the interpretation he made of some Actions.

The race director continues to take center stage in F1

In this way, Fernando Alonso has made multiple criticisms of Michael Masi, whom he compares to a football referee who “allows him to catch a ball with his hand and take it out to the center of the field.” It is one of the comments he has made about the race director that he has also said about. “Sometimes it sanctions yes and other times not the track limits.”

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Spa in Belgium was perhaps the GP where the Australian has raised the most controversy. Since there he made a decision that did not go down well with many. He did not cancel the race despite the rain and with only three laps behind the safety car with no option to overtake. He gave half the points to the top ten finishers but left no choice for the others to compete. Without a doubt, something that still echoes in the motor world.

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