Ferdous Wahid brings “Life Story”

Ferdous Wahid’s birthday is March 26th. This artist brings a new song to mark his birthday. A song sung by him titled “The Story of Ferdous Wahid” is released.

Sheikh Nazrul wrote the song saying, “Life is the noon of the morning/Life is the afternoon/Life dreams of waking up before bed.”

Composed by Pijit Mahajan. The music is directed by Waheed Shaheen. It will be published on the HM Voice YouTube channel.

Regarding the song, Ferdous Wahid said: “I sang it because I liked the lyrics.”

The sound is also excellent. The video shows care. Many will find the story of life in the song. I hope the audience will like the song.

Pijit Mahajan said, “I recorded the song ‘Life Story of Ferdous Wahid’ in early 2023. The scene was also recorded later. I was looking for a suitable day to release the song. I thought it would be a good time to release the song on the artist’s birthday. For this reason, it was decided to release it on March 26th.

Many people know that Ferdous Wahid now lives in the village after leaving civilian life. His rural life is reflected in the song’s images. I hope the song video will fill everyone’s heart.”

Ferdous Waheed announced at the end of last year that they would record 22 songs together. Now he gave the fans some good news. His songs are made. It is said that the songs will be released gradually. Apart from the new song, Ferdous Waheed will soon direct a film called Sandhya Maya. In addition to directing, he will also act in it. He said that more new artists will be seen in this film produced by him.

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