Ferdous in Karail Basti in boat campaign

After the death of actor Akbar Hossain Pathan Farooq on May 15, the Dhaka-17 seat was declared vacant by the parliament secretariat. A new election is going to be held in this seat.

As per the schedule, polling will be held on July 17. Ballot paper voting will be held from 8 am to 4 pm on that day.

Besides, there will be CCTV cameras in the polling station.

Meanwhile, Awami League candidate Arafat has started campaigning. He wants to succeed Farooq as Noka Majhi. He is plowing the field extensively to win the election.

Filmmaker Ferdous, actress Tareen, cultural icon Nasir Uddin Yusuf Bachchu campaigned for him.

On Thursday, it was seen that these artists are popular in Karail Basti of the capital. Actor Ferdous was seen talking to the slum dwellers very sincerely and asking for votes in favor of the boat. Not only that, he is smiling, talking and shaking hands with people of all ages.

The slum dwellers are also very happy to have Ferdous in Karail slum. Many people were seen expressing their excitement after seeing Ferdous and Tareen.

Meanwhile, Arafat recalled the late MP of Dhaka-17 Constituency actor Akbar Hossain Pathan Farooq and said, ‘Farooq Sahib was sick. No one knew the name of the former. But I can assure you that you will find me.

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