A video of a female police officer slapping a citizen is going viral on social media.

According to Indian media, while reversing a motorcycle in the state of Madhya Pradesh, mud accidentally fell on the clothes of a female official, on which the woman not only cleaned the clothes of the citizen but also slapped him in public.

In the video, a man is seen cleaning a policeman’s trousers with a red cloth, after which she slaps him and starts walking.

The female officer’s face is not clear as she was wearing a white scarf around her head and was later identified as Shashi Kala.

The female officer is a Home Guard constable stationed in the collector’s office.

Additional SP Rewa said that we have seen the video and it seems that a man was forced to clean the pants of the officer who slapped him and left.

“If anyone comes to us with a complaint against the official, we will investigate,” he said.



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