Female civil servants will now have to wear the veil in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, female civil servants must be veiled, the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice warned in a statement on Tuesday. This obligation must be respected, whatever the fabric, under penalty of being dismissed.

Most women in government jobs have not been allowed to return to work since the Taliban took power in August 2021. The Taliban say they will be able to return once certain conditions, such as strict gender segregation on the place of work, will be met.

A blanket will do

“They can wear the hijab any way they want,” said ministry spokesman Mohammad Sadeq Akif Muhajir. ” [Elles peuvent] wearing any kind of hijab is up to them, he added. But they gotta do it right […], even if it’s wearing a blanket. »

On the question of the burqa, the spokesperson replied that the choice was free. This full-face mesh veil at eye level was made compulsory when the Taliban first came to power between 1996 and 2001. The Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice had acquired a sinister reputation by imposing an ultra- Sharia rigor.

Already many restrictions

At that time, Western clothing was forbidden, men were forbidden to shave, and anyone who did not hurry quickly enough to attend prayers was beaten up. The Taliban have this time promised to be more permissive, but the restrictions continue to accumulate.

Women are now banned from playing music appearing in television series unless they promote an Islamic theme. The Taliban have been careful not to issue overly strict edicts at the national level, but restrictions are often imposed by local authorities themselves.

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