Felnin Celestén, from being a drummer in the Church to seeking the most lucrative signing bonus this January 15

In 2018, at the age of 12, Felnin Celestén played the drums in the choir of the Jesus Baptist Church in his native Guaymate, only four years later he is on the brink of accepting a bonus that would exceed 4.5 million dollars. 

Not bad for a boy who from his childhood was guided by his grandparents Vages and Daniel Antonio, both pastors of the church, and his mother Ruth Antonia along the path of Christianity and from there he became fond of the paths of God until he became part of the group that He sang biblical songs. 

But the blood of baseball also ran through his veins, since his father Fitnes Celestén, of Haitian race, signed as a pitcher with the Baltimore Orioles, although he had a short-lived career. 

From there lies his great hunger for the hobby and, like hundreds of children, to try baseball and dream of one day also getting a lucrative deal that could make him a millionaire, just as dozens of youngsters have done, first in the famous July 2 and after the pandemic on January 15. 

Well, for Celestén her great boom is already “turning the corner”, a novelty who will inscribe her name along with the Wander Franco (3.8 million with Rays) Marcos Luciano (2.6 million with Gigantes on the 20th) Robert Puazón (5.0 million with Oakland in 2019), Wander Javier (4.0 million with the Twins) Roderick Arias (4.0 million with the Yankees in 2022), all shortstops, whose hard work over the years will change their lives with their families. 

Unlike the majority of novices, who almost immediately think of buying a late-model jeep or other high-end vehicles, in the case of Celestén, with the first handful of dollars she receives in her hands, she will do a worship of thanks to God together with his mother and grandmother in the Jesus Baptist Church, where he grew up and was educated as a human being. 

“That’s where I come from, my grandparents are pastors and they were the first to teach me Catholicism, I liked it and that’s where my first education began,” Celestén told Listín Diario, a third-year high school student who shows good command of the language. . 

Although he is about to go down in history as the owner of one of the highest bonuses in the annals of these processes, he wants to continue his studies at all costs, because he understands that baseball will not be forever. 

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To this is added that her mother Ruth has been a long-time educator, while her father is a multi-skilled employee at the Ryu Palace hotel in Punta Cana. Celestén dreamed of embracing architecture since she was a child. 

But, baseball could do more and it is that from his beginnings in baseball he showed superb qualities that with the passing of time increased until at the age of 12 he came into the hands of JD Ozuna, the instructor who molded and developed him until he became one one of the most desirable talents of the class of 2022. 


Scouts fell in love with his talent, major league team managers gasped to see this powerhouse who can do it all on the field and who has the Seattle Mariners as the team with the best chance of winning his services. 

A franchise that, although it has never played a World Series game, has had part of the best players of the last generations in Alex Rodríguez, Ken Griffey Jr, Ichiro Suzuki, Randy Johnson, Edgar Martínez and now they exhibit Julio Rodríguez, who with only a year in business is one of the faces of baseball. 

So immense are the skills that Celestén shows, that he drove a group of Korean scouts crazy, who put 7.9 million dollars on the table for his services, because he rejected it and preferred to challenge the lights and the great stage that the Great Suspenders. 

“Celestén is a young man who shows great maturity despite his young age, each of his executions on the field are well above the estimated range for a person his age, a fact that makes him a super special player,” he said. JD Ozuna, after pondering the skills he shows. 

Regardless of the group that signs, the certain thing is that in Celestén, the Dominican Republic will export another shortstop with innate conditions, destined for him to achieve stardom in the future, as many players of his position have. 


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