Felipe VI and Bolsonaro meet with Milei hours before his inauguration

He King Philip VI He arrived this Saturday at the headquarters of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship to meet with the elected president of that country, Javier Milei. The monarch, who greeted a group of people waiting at the entrance to the San Martín Palace (home of the Chancellery) amid some shouts of “Long live Spain,” was received by the president-elect a few hours before his inauguration.

Both spoke about how Spain can participate in solving Argentina’s problems, as the Chancellor appointed by the new Argentine President explained this Saturday. Diana Mondino. “We discussed the problems and difficulties that Argentina will face and what possible solutions there are,” said the chairman, who serves as foreign policy contact for the La Libertad Avanza party to Spanish media based in Argentina at the Foreign Ministry, where the event took place . the meeting.

When asked if Spain could participate in these solutions, Mondino replied that “everyone” could do so, recalling that Spain is Argentina’s second foreign investor: “Let’s hope the private activity works,” he said.

Felipe VI arrived this Saturday for Milei’s inauguration in Argentina, a country in which the largest Spanish community abroad is concentrated, with about half a million inhabitants. Shortly before his arrival, Milei told several Spanish journalists stationed at the entrance that they would “talk about and try to deepen the situation in Argentina and Spain and the ties that bind us.”

The president-elect did not want to comment on the fact that the head of the Spanish executive, Pedro Sánchez has not yet greeted him after winning the second round, took place on November 19th and simply said, “These are things that happen.”

Sánchez did not congratulate the leader of La Libertad Avanza (ultra-right) on his victory, which he explained a few days before the elections as embodying the “disagreement” towards democratic coexistence and harmony that the official candidate, the Minister of economics, Sergio, embodied. Massa.

At today’s meeting, in which Milei and Mondino take part, on the Spanish side, Felipe VI. the Secretary of State for Ibero-America and the Caribbean and Spanish in the World, Juan Fernández Trigo; the Spanish ambassador to Argentina, María Jesús Alonso; the Secretary General of the Royal Family, Domingo Martínez Palomo; and his diplomatic advisor Alfonso Sanz.

Two other international leaders who will be present at Milei’s inauguration are former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2023) and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Both met this Saturday in Buenos Aires, a few hours before they attended Milei’s inauguration.

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One of the sons of the former Brazilian president was present at the meeting andDeputy Eduardo Bolsonaro defined Orbán on his X account on the social network as the “conservative leader popular in Latin America because he represents the voice of freedom around the world.” Bolsonaro and his son traveled to Argentina this Thursday, accompanied by several deputies who make up his entourage, to attend Milei’s investiture ceremony this Sunday.

The Hungarian head of state commented on this this Saturday He had “the pleasure” of meeting his “good friend” Bolsonaro on his X account and celebrated that “the right is emerging not only in Europe but all over the world!”

Bolsonaro and Orbán greeted each other with a hug, according to the meeting, which was filmed by the Brazilian, who introduced the members of his entourage to the Hungarian and explained that they hoped to meet him, after which the ultra-conservative leader pointed them to Brazil and Hungary are far apart. But he counteracted the distance with “football” and “politics”.

Bolsonaro met with Milei this Friday for an hour at the Hotel Libertador in the Argentine capital, where the leader of La Libertad Avanza has set up his headquarters during the election campaign and where, as president-elect, he resides and maintains his work office.

Orbán called Milei by phone to congratulate him on his election after the November 19 runoff, as he was the only European Union leader to attend Bolsonaro’s inauguration as Brazilian president on January 1, 2019, a position he held until November 19th at the end of last year.

Bolsonaro also met with former Argentine President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) this Friday, a leader of the local center-right party that the Brazilian supported in his failed re-election in 2019, in the hands of the current President Alberto Fernández, with whom he maintained a distant and aggressive relationship.

His successor, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, will not attend Milei’s inauguration ceremony, but the Brazilian government will be officially represented by Chancellor Mauro Vieira, who received Chancellor-designate Diana Mondino in Brasilia on October 26. EFE

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