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Feliciano López: “Being a Davis Cup captain would make me very excited”

The Spanish tennis player Feliciano López affirmed, after winning the City of the Racket Award in the Sports Career category, that once he retires as a professional tennis player he would like to continue linked to this sport and that “Being the captain of Spain in the Davis Cup is something that would make me very excited.”

“I want to stay linked to tennis; play some senior tournaments. I would like to have a good tennis academy in Madrid, which is not easy and is a medium and long-term project, and of course, to continue helping Spanish tennis, to be able to be a Davis Cup captain, which is something that would make me excited. I don’t close the door to anything “, He said.

The 40-year-old from Toledo, who will turn 25 in 2022, He will receive this award next Monday that values ​​his career as a professional.

López, in the same way, recognizes that tennis has changed since he began his journey and the style of the tennis players is becoming more homogeneous: “The physical form of the players, the courts and the materials have changed a lot. It is a tennis of power and very fast. style. Almost everyone plays similarly. I do not know if it has lost wealth, but it has lost that there is a contrast of styles. “

On his way of playing, the tennis player commented that he has had to adapt as he could: “I have tried to enhance it (my game) the best I could and I had to evolve in aspects of the game to be competitive on all courts. Evolving is the secret of any professional “.

“I think I have been a different player who has succeeded on courts where other Spanish players thought they could not succeed until the phenomenon of Rafa (Nadal) arrived. I have been fortunate to have been competitive for many years over a very long career. Even now: Winning the number five in the world in my city, in Davis Cup, are things that are not expected and make you very happy, “he said.

The also director of the Mutua Madrid Open tournament has played 79 consecutive ‘Grand Slam’ -20 years without failing any-, something of which he is “proud”: “What I am most proud of is playing so many years and being competitive.”

López revealed how he takes care of himself to stay in shape and continue at the highest level after 25 years of career in the elite and at 40 years of age: “From 30 I thought I had to do something different if I wanted to continue playing well: private ‘physio’, food, rest, I go to bed very early and, of course, good genetics. They are small things, but important and also not having had injuries. All this has allowed me to fulfill that dream of still playing at a good level. “

The man from Toledo qualified for the Australian Open, which is his 80th participation in one of the great tournaments. About a possible withdrawal, the athlete was blunt: “Going to Australia is, for me, a gift. As long as I feel competitive, I will continue. I am really enjoying this stage,” he said.

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