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“Feels like a blurry dream…” Ileana D’Cruz shares her feelings about pregnancy and becoming a mother

Ileana D’Cruz is enjoying motherhood these days. On August 1 this year, she gave birth to a son whom she named Koa Phoenix Dolan. Now, the actress recently spoke about her pregnancy on social media and also shared her experiences as a mother. She said that for her it was all like a blurry dream and for her everything was very beautiful.

While posting the story on Instagram, Ileana conducted a question and answer session and spoke to her fans. During this time, someone asked her, “What was your first reaction to pregnancy and how do you feel now?” In response, Ileana shared the photo of her pregnancy test and wrote, “A year ago I found out that I was pregnant and it was the most unreal, incredible emotional moment. It’s very surreal to still hold my little, beloved son in my arms.” . Looks like it does. It feels like a big, fuzzy dream.”

Another fan asked Ileana about the feelings she felt after seeing her child. The fan asked, ‘How did you feel when you saw your child for the first time? Was your mother with you at the time?’

Ileana shared a photo with her mother from the hospital bed and wrote: “My mother stayed with me throughout the entire process of my pregnancy, delivery and motherhood.” Honestly, I am very lucky to have him. Nothing really prepares you for seeing your baby for the first time. It was just great and beautiful.

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