The Dominican Volleyball Federation thanked central Annerys Vargas Valdez for the more than 25 years she dedicated to this discipline, wished her luck in the new life she is undertaking and urged her to remain linked to this sport as instructors in order to transmit their knowledge to young players.

“We wish him all the success possible in his new roles in the future of his life and at the same time thank him for dedicating the best times of his life to volleyball and the country,” said Alexis García, president of Fedovoli.

“We will propose that you continue in volleyball as a trainer of new talents, of those young girls who come to the Volleyball Pavilion with the desire to embrace this sport and thus take advantage of that enormous experience that Annery Vargas Valdez has,” she said.

He indicated that the Dominican Volleyball Federation will always be at his service and very grateful for the contributions that he made to Dominican volleyball as an athlete.

The 40-year-old veteran volleyball player debuted with the women’s national volleyball team in 1998 and has been part of the sport’s further growth in the country.

With her traditional number, she was one of the most successful players in the country’s history and was awarded as the best in her position in the qualifying tournament for the 2008 Games and in the 2010 Club World Cup and also received the Grand Prize FIVB Volleyball World Cup 2017.

He was also part of the teams that won the gold medal at the Pan American Games “Santo Domingo” in 2003 and “Lima 2019”.

In her long professional career, Annerys Valdez played in the leagues of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, Brazil and, more recently, in Taiwan.


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