The Dominican Baseball Federation will hold the third U-12 National Tournament, an event scheduled to take place from the 12th to the 14th of this month in various stadiums in San Pedro de Macorís, where the Robinson Canó Cup will be played.

The announcement was made by Juan Núñez Nepomuceno, president of Fedobe, who stated that a total of 17 provinces will participate in the contest, which will be divided into six groups of three and two groups.

Starting at 10 am this Thursday, a total of 272 children will be scattered among the 17 teams, playing in the Mama Celia academy stadiums, the sports complex play, Las Caobas, Paulino Academy, among other venues.

Núñez explained that the teams will compete in the great Robinson Canó Cup, a fair that is held in his honor and who was amazed last year to observe so many infants in action when it was held in San Francisco de Macorís.

Even the president of Fedobe pointed out during the press conference held in the assembly hall of the Dominican Olympic Committee, that this cup in honor of one of the heroes of the gold medal reached in the World Baseball Classic in 2013 will be institutionalized for be made every year.

“It’s like a kind of Cal Ripken Classic, the contest that has been held for several years, but ours, to continue developing the great talent we have,” said Núñez during the meeting, which was attended by Franklin De la Mota, administrative deputy minister of Miderec, Antonio Acosta, President of the Dominican Olympic Committee, as well as Leopoldo Portes Soler, deputy minister of Sports for the Eastern region, among other figures.

When the draw was made, the groups were made up as follows: 1 will be made up of the National District, Duarte Province and Puerto Plata, 2 San Pedro de Macorís, Monte Cristi and Moca, while the Santo Domingo, Barahona and Higuey Provinces will be seen the faces in the three.

On their side, Bahoruco, Samaná and Peravia make up group 4, while Valverde, Monte Plata and San Cristóbal will make it into group 5. Group 6 is made up of Santiago and San Juan. The contest will be dedicated to Mr. Radhamés González, director of the OMSA.

Each team will play three games and those with the best record will advance to the semifinals as group winners, until the grand final, which will be on Saturday.

There will be several awards, because apart from the great champion, the occupants of the following three places will also receive trophies, as well as those with the best record in each region, in addition to the occupants of the all-star team.

The contest will be televised by Colimdo, the official COD channel, the YouTube channel of the Dominican Baseball Federation, in addition to other digital platforms.

De la Mota highlights celebration

Likewise, Franklin de la Mota, Administrative Deputy Minister of Sports praised the celebration of the event and said that Miderec will always provide its support for these events.

On his side, Antonio Acosta, president of the COD, considered Fedobe’s dedication to this event to be very fair, important for others to a figure such as Robinson Canó, one of the outstanding figures of the gold medal achieved in the World Classic. of baseball.

While Núñez appreciated that the institution he presides over strives to continue organizing these championships in all categories and this is part of the great development registered by the entity.

Also, José Canó, first vice president of Fedobe, said that since his son Robinson observed these children playing last year, he fell in love with it and immediately wanted to take it to San Pedro de Macorís and today this reality is fulfilled.

Also participating in the meeting were Sócrates Aguasvivas, from the Office of the National Baseball Commissioner, Angela Luna, Communications Director of the RC22 Foundation, Heriberto Then, General Secretary of Fedobe, as well as more than twenty presidents of baseball associations.



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