Federal elections in Germany: Angela Merkel calls for Armin Laschet to vote for “Germany to remain stable”

A few hours before the federal elections to be held on Sunday, September 26 in Germany, Angela Merkel was in Munich on Friday evening. The German Chancellor, who is preparing to hand over after sixteen years in power, came to support the Conservative candidate. For Angela Merkel, it was a question of remobilizing the troops while Armin Laschet is in difficulty in the polls, given the loser against the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, with a small gap which makes the ballot unpredictable.

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It is the whistles of the climate protesters and the applause of the Conservative Party activists who greet the German Chancellor. All smiles, in a white suit, Angela Markel defends her runner-up at the podium. “The question of who will rule Germany is not without importance. For Germany to remain stable, Armin Laschet must become chancellor”, she proclaims.

All smiles too, the Conservative Party candidate in turn addresses the activists. Armin Laschet, who does not take off in the polls, is rolling out his program. “We are for free trade. We want to create new global alliances, we want to preserve the stability of Europe”, he assures.

Image of a party united behind its candidate. Marc relies heavily on the Merkel effect. “The majority of Germans like Angela Merkel. After sixteen years in government, she is really popular. I think it is useful. There are a lot of undecided voters and it will show a signal to rally behind Armin Laschet and support him”, hopes the activist.

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Still, Angela Merkel’s heir is unpopular and often considered undecided. Some have not forgiven him for example his giggles during a trip to the west of the country during the floods. But Ingeborg has the feeling, leaving the meeting that Armin Laschet has made forget his sometimes austere image.

“He’s the best Armin Laschet I’ve ever seen. He really donned the Chancellor’s costume. It’s like he’s broken free. Angela Merkel was great. It was harmonious. I’m very excited. . “

Ingeborg, CDU activist

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But for Rudolph, who has always voted for Angela Merkel, the Chancellor’s push comes far too late. On the eve of the election, the pensioner believes that the battle is lost for the conservative camp. “She should have supported him at least six months earlier, he believes. I guess even she isn’t 100% convinced by Armin Laschet. There she comes because she has no choice, it is her duty. Otherwise it would be a disaster. “ As often, the evening ended in music with Armin Laschet, but without Angela Merkel, back in Berlin.

Sébastien Baer’s report in Munich.

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