FEDA initiates plan to promote goat and sheep consumption in the country

The director of the Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA), Hecmilio Galván, announced today a national campaign to promote the consumption of goat and sheep meat in the country.

The initiative is part of the Plan for the Relaunch, Repopulation and Development of the Sheep-goat Sector promoted by this institution, which entails an investment of more than RD $ 350 million and which aims to double production and avoid the importation of this meat.

The plan also includes more than 30 training workshops and seminars that will benefit more than 3,000 breeders, and direct financing for production that will benefit more than 1,000 producers with a loan of RD $ 300,000.

Galván explained that the Campaign Tamo In Goat It is an advertising initiative that aims to achieve a change in culture in the country since goats and sheep are only consumed on special occasions, although it is important that they be consumed at least once or twice a week.

He added that with the increase in goat and sheep consumption in the country, it will be possible to improve the income levels of producers and their families, according to a statement from the institution.

Galván made the announcement of the promotional campaign that seeks to motivate the population to increase the consumption of goat meat during the Christmas With Chivo event, an event held in the Ciudad Ganadera.




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