Featherweight posts from a Dominican beach with beer in hand

The Mexican Featherweight, one of the most powerful singers of the new generation, posted from a Dominican beach, in addition to being seen in a cart with a beer in hand.

In one of the images you can see a paradisiacal landscape of the sea and palm trees with the “location” of the Dominican Republic.

In the video, he is seen riding a cart with a Presidente beer in his hands and dancing to the rhythm of the audio of “You have a face that you like freaky nasty”, the collaboration between Feid and Young Miko.

Featherweight has become the trending artist in recent months with songs like “She dances alone”, “The baby”, “At night”, “PRC”, “AMG”, “Chanel”, “Las morras”, “Blue” and others.

“Ella baila sola” was the No. 1 song in the global top 50 on Spotify until this week’s “Where she Goes,” performed by Bad Bunny.

In this way, he became the first Mexican singer to reach the top of the world ranking on Spotify.

Before, in 2020, he released two albums, one live titled “Disco en Vivo” and one studio titled “Ah y Qué?”.

His first signs of popularity were gained with his collaboration with Raúl Vega on the song “El Belicón en el 2022.

That same year would come the collaboration with Luis R. Conriquez in “Siempre Pendientes”, which generated a lot of controversy since he was accused of making an apology for the crime.

In the present 2023, “PRC” sounded, a collaboration with Natanael Cano, while the remix of “Por las noches” ran very well, in a “feauturing” with the Argentine Nicki Nicole.

A month ago “Ella Baila Sola” arrived, with Eslabon Armado, followed by “La Bebé Remix” with Yng Lvcas and “Chanel” with Becky G, the latter invited him to sing together at Coachella this year.

Emilio Kabande Laija, his real name, in just a few months, has gone from being practically unknown to being a musical leader in the industry, positioning himself in top places in many countries around the world.

At 23 years old, the Featherweight has become one of the greatest exponents of the new Mexican corrido.

Of Lebanese descent, but born in Zapopán (Jalisco, Mexican state), as a child he dreamed of being a soccer player.

However, he lived for a while in New York, where he learned to play the guitar and was inspired by artists like Drake. At that time he began his interest in music.

The controversy also haunts him because El Chapo and allusions to drug culture are very present in his songs, as are the weapons and the waste of money in his video clips, something for which he has been the protagonist of several controversies, reports the portal of the radio station Los 40.

The sounds that marked the beginning of the Featherweight career are two, the warlike corridos, which address violent themes including conflicts between drug gangs, and the tumbao corridos, which rose to fame thanks to Natanael Cano and which has a rhythm slower associated more with trap fused with the characteristic sierreño sound of figures such as Chalino Sánchez and Miguel y Miguel, publishes the portal Dallasnews.com.

Peso Pluma is a singer and composer of regional Mexican music, whose style is characterized by an acoustic touch with influences such as trap.

The nickname “Featherweight” arose as a result of meeting Marco Antonio Barrera, who was a featherweight champion, in a private presentation.

“Once we went to play, when we were starting out, we had to go to a private one and in an interval we met him, who turned out to be a champion at that weight and we said: ‘That’s how we have to put it,'” he said in an interview with Pepe Garza in his “Pepe’s Office” program.

The popularity that Featherweight has had in recent months has led the singer of “corridos tumbados” to lead the charts and be sought out by other artists for collaborations.

“I’m very happy that my music is going global, I think we’ve dropped the term ‘regional Mexican’ and it’s just Mexican music. Now all the artists call me because they want to do corridos, ”he told EFE.

With only 3 years in the industry, he has managed to position his music among the most listened to music platforms and has been part of the Billboard Hot 100 list in the United States five times, a mark never before reached by a Mexican.

“There are many people who paved the way so that everything I am doing can be this great. Many people paved that street and now we are on ours, we do what we have to do and what we like, ”she added.

One of his purposes is to break the stigma that Mexicans cannot do good reggaeton, for which he has joined Natanael Cano, Junior H, Blessd, Yng Lvcas, Ovy On The Drums and Jasiel Nuñez, with whom he released the single ‘ Pastel pink’, for which he announced that he is already planning his future collaborations.

“The growth has been very fast, we have experienced many changes within the team and the project, but I simply want to continue the path we had from the beginning, I want to do reggaeton, rap, hip-hop without forgetting our roots because it is what the People are waiting,” he said.

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