Fearing not getting a job, the young man committed suicide

After an examination of the Public Service Commission was cancelled, the young man committed suicide out of fear of not getting a job.

Acquiring knowledge in this advanced age is not a difficult task, but according to the saying, one has to plow for it even today.

A young man in the Indian state of Telangana cleared the Public Service Commission exam after working hard day and night. A year later, the authorities canceled the exam citing a paper leak.

A 32-year-old boy named Naveen, a resident of BY Nagar, India, got upset after hearing the decision to hold the exam again on June 11 and committed suicide by hanging.

According to the report, the family members said that after the information, Naveen felt that there was no job in his destiny due to which he committed suicide. I was also preparing for the exam.

Naveen also wrote a suicide note saying that no one is responsible for my death, I was waiting for a job for 6 years, I am very disappointed with the cancellation of group-1 exam, there is no chance of getting any more job. That’s why I’m fed up with life.

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