In Sri Lanka, a member of the ruling party’s assembly shot himself for fear of being killed by a mob.

According to the International News Agency, violent protests against the government are continuing in Sri Lanka due to the ongoing financial crisis in the country, due to which Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has resigned from his post, but the series of violent protests has stopped. Not naming.

Meanwhile, another tragic incident took place in which MLA Amarkirthi Athakurala shot himself and killed himself. Angry protesters tried to stop the car of a ruling party MLA on the Colombo-Candy Highway. The MP fired in the air to disperse the crowd, which escalated into bitter rhetoric.

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They opened fire on protesters, injuring three, while one died of his injuries.

The lawmaker then took refuge in a building, but hundreds of angry protesters surrounded and surrounded the building. The lawmaker shot himself in fear, along with his personal security officer. Found dead