Fearing a 26-party electoral alliance, Modi may create a drama like the Pulwama attack

Political analysts say that fearing a 26-party electoral alliance, Modi may influence the elections by staging a Pulwama attack-style drama.

According to the details, the extremist policies of the Modi government have drowned the BJP, 26 major parties of India have announced an electoral alliance against Modi in the name of India.

The alliance was announced at a joint press conference of more than 26 opposition parties in Bangalore on July 18. The coalition parties include Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, Janata Dal, Shiv Sena, Samajwadi Party, National Conference, People’s Democratic Party, Communist Party, Socialist Party and All India Muslim League.

The purpose of the electoral alliance is to end the violations of human rights and democracy during the rule of the Modi government. Opposition leaders said that Modi’s defeat is India’s victory.

Rahul Gandhi vowed to win and said that Modi will face India in 2024 elections and India will win with Modi.

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