Fear of bird flu, millions of chickens will be destroyed

A poultry farm in the Central European country of the Czech Republic has been ordered to cull more than 700,000 chickens due to concerns about the spread of bird flu.

According to foreign media, the bird flu virus is spreading rapidly in Europe. In such a situation, the Central European country Czech Republic has ordered a farm to destroy 7.5 lakh chickens, which is 15% of the number of chickens in the country.

Czech Republic authorities took the measure after more than 12 poultry farms were infected with bird flu in recent weeks. The state veterinary administration SVS has registered four new outbreaks this year and described the situation as serious in a statement. Health officials are evaluating possible vaccinations to prevent the spread of the virus.

Poultry breeders’ union member Gabriela Loha says the poultry farm to which the authorities have issued the decree is located in the village of Broadné Tešu in the western part of the country and is the largest poultry farm in the Czech Republic. .

Egg prices are also expected to rise after Gabriela Loha destroyed the chickens at the farm in Broadned Tisho.

It should be noted that last month, Czech farmers were ordered to keep chickens indoors to prevent bird flu type H5N1, saying that the virus could potentially be transmitted to humans.

In this regard, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control has issued an explanation saying that the risk of spreading this infection in humans is low, but people who work in poultry farms may be affected.

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It should be remembered that between October 2021 and September 2022, 2,500 epidemic diseases were detected on farms in 37 European countries, resulting in the slaughter of approximately 50 million chickens.

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