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Fear at RCD Mallorca after scandal offer by Kang-in Lee

The vermilions are facing a hard time knowing the weaknesses they have when supporting one of their great stars

The RCD Mallorca faces a delicate moment after learning that there are strong speculations surrounding the departure of the Korean star Kang-in Lee. And it is that the level shown by the former Valencia CF has been such that it has drawn the attention of Lille de France, one of the strong competitors of Ligue 1 installed in the final crossover phase in the UEFA champions league.

From Lille They have blurted out that they are close to sealing the exit of Jonathan Ikoné, a player who is won by Fiorentina for the value of 15 million euros. For that reason, they need to find a replacement soon that will put them on the necessary path to continue giving a show on a continental level. After probing several resumes is the Kang-in Lee the best that has come across them and therefore the one they plan to execute.

Kang in Lee case
Kang In Lee, one of Mallorca’s reinforcements, is very close to sealing his departure from Luis García Plaza’s squad

The offer is good, the decision now goes to Kan-in Lee and Mallorca according to expectations

Within the information available, it has been concluded that the price of Kang-in Lee is not that high, but what has become tempting to remove it is the initiative of being in the plans of a team that their classification to the quarterfinals of the Champions is played. The Korean has not played competitions of that caliber, and under that idea everything is managed.

The problem for the structure of Mallorca is the impact that Kang-in Lee is having on the team’s performance. In other words, Korean has been one of the most influential and for that reason the idea has been consolidating. It will undoubtedly be a sensitive drop, but it is not yet confirmed and anything can happen.

Two alternatives that make the people of Mallorca dream

If the idea cannot be conceived, the French club has identified two other possibilities in the market: Jorge de Frutos (Levante) or Ludovic Blas (Nantes). Thus they could detach themselves from leaving their figure and permeate their stay at least until the end of the season. Mallorca fights hand-in-hand with various teams for the right to remain in the first division, trying not to carry out their previous experience, which was to defend their quota.

On the sides of the Levante player, the interest goes through his great performance and more than anything by the situation of the Granota team. Right now they are losing the category and that could end up diminishing their value at the end of the season. So they drop an offer close to the threshold to tip the balance in their favor.

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