FC Barcelona unexpected nuisance of Atlético by Kessié

In the beginning the signing of Franck kessie was being probed by the Atlético de Madrid managers as if it were a single purpose, that until the recent arrival of the FC Barcelona who is willing to sour the party. And it is that in the voice of those in charge of the signings in the Blaugrana cast, Mateu alemany and Ramón Planes there is the fact of pulling for the front with this case.

A theme that has been gaining strength as the days go by. And it is that in the engine room of the Catalan club several versions have been handled, although the one that prevails the most is that of manifesting inclusion in that area of ​​the field. First, because it is absolutely necessary, and second, because the nuance that gives guidance is inclined by its contract.

It has not been simple to incorporate, but they are football things. The mattress makers are very aware of their options and that is what has prevailed. As soon as the culé offer has appeared, the environment has been revolutionized. And it is that as expected, they do not plan to make payments for a player who ends his contract shortly. The link goes until the summer of 2022 and the Ivorian midfielder intends to leave the rossoneros already.

The initial idea of ​​the Blaugrana bosses is to maintain the idea, and guarantee their arrival at no cost. To do this, they have placed in your hands a large sum of money that you will get as payment for your services, in addition to the obvious fact that it is to get to one of the most renowned clubs on the planet.

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But as in any case of that caliber, the ideal is that they appear more and more interested. They do it more than all from England, from where at least three larger clubs take on a major challenge: Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United. Clubs that for their annual earnings have the power to offer you up to triple what you currently earn.

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