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FC Barcelona travels to Brazil to sign the new crack

One of the managers and authorized voices of the culé team recommends the signing

The former footballer and now a member of the board of the FC BarcelonaAnderson Luis de Souza, better known as decorationhas recommended traveling to Brazil to close a good deal. The headhunters of azulgrana club They have sent reports to Barcelona about a midfielder who is only 17 years old, who has a huge future ahead of him.

Although he still plays for the affiliates of the Basque of GamaThose who have seen him are witnesses of the magic that he brings to his feet. Some even dare to call it the Didi of the 21st century. Given these reports, Deco could not sit idly by and has asked laporta travel to the Latin American continent to see it with their own eyes.

Barcelona Brazil
Andrey Santos, the new jewel of Vasco de Gama and the future midfielder of the Brazil team.

The new promise of Brazil that Barcelona can count on in the summer

Brazil has been, is, and will be the birthplace of the best footballers of all time. The clearest example is Pelé and the list is quite long. But if we land a particular case more towards the 21st century, we have Neymar, who emerged as one of the best Brazilian attackers of the new era, and who preferred to sign with Barcelona when half of Europe wanted it.

The new case is called Andrey Santos, who is part of the subsidiaries of the Almirante group. There is not much information about the boy, since he has not made his professional debut with the absolute squad. However, the culé club is looking for a way to take him to Barcelona B and forge him as the new future star.

In addition to Barcelona, ​​several European teams are following in the footsteps of the new promise from Brazil

Every time the Brazilian press or any media in Europe finds a promise of world football, a dozen teams come their way. In this case, it is Barcelona who first realized it, thanks to Deco’s contacts in the South American country. However, they are not the only ones and they already expected that there would be more clubs stalking Andrey Santos.

According to Brazilian media, teams such as Everton, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Juventus, PSG, Bayer Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Porto, Sporting Lisbon and Ajax have asked about the midfielder. Note that almost all stakeholders have large checkbooks. However, Barcelona will always be one of the most prestigious teams in the world, thanks to its history and hierarchy.

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