The directive culé considers executing an aggressive movement to give more offensive power to the team

These last few days in FC Barcelona They’ve been pretty hectic ones by far. In fact, a curiosity is that the idea of ​​disposing of Sergio Busquets, which in theory has an open door to take the step they need with Morata. Strange movement, more than anything because of what the midfielder means to Xavi and its structure.

However, due to age and certain conditions, they would have been given the opportunity to scratch some money and execute the transfer of the player to another entity. Guardiola who knows him perfectly has raised the request to his bosses and expects immediate responses. Now the other thing must be how that theme is executed, since it is still the case bruise it’s dense

Barcelona already has the perfect replacement for Busquets, and it will come for free.

FC Barcelona’s bet does not go through Busquets beyond everything that the youth squad has delivered

In an approach to the club, it has been known that the idea is more focused on going for other ways. They seek to improve their attack and in that area it is important to add cash. But it is also not only that, they want to impose the law of imposition of juveniles as is the case with Pedri, Gavi and Nico himself.

So that near the end of his contract, the summer of 2023 seems to be the perfect time to carry out this management. A success wherever you look, among other things because quality and experience will always be an added value that characterizes Barça at this time and at all times; His 33 years weigh him down, it is definitive.

Guardiola does not believe in anything else and already approaches positions

Once this information has surfaced, the first thing the coach has done has been to go to court with this fact. He knows that he is facing one of the best in the world in that position and he does not want to miss the opportunity. As soon as this season ends they will lose Fernandinho and that space seems to have his name.

Professionally, he is the best midfielder identifying and accepting positional football. Intelligent, he knows how to dose energy, he complies, and apart from everything he has an aerial game. The idea is that he signs for two years and then makes his move to MLS at one of Red City’s franchise clubs. In this way the market is turned on and one more of the culé forms of destruction is executed after Messi’s departure.


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