FC Barcelona puts conditions on the signing of Morata

The arrival of the former Real Madrid striker is too close to materializing according to some spokesmen for the Catalan club

Xavi Hernández has already ensured the presence of the former winger of the Manchester City, Ferran torres for your team. Want to make this FC Barcelona a better team and for this now he makes the tip of the Juventus of Turin, Álvaro Morata. Center forward, of reference and with a wide range in The league.

It is a measure that they have decided to implement in order to fully capture top-level elements. However, that this event is one of those that are planned to undertake, does not mean that it will be given in full freedom. So the first thing is going to be a salary cut, and from then on the extension of his contract.

Barcelona Morata
The attacker from Madrid will return to Spain but not to Atlético.

Falling at FC Barcelona will not be easy for Morata who is looking for a new opportunity in the elite as the main protagonist

There has been too much talk about this movement and in the end the details are what count. A source has stated that for it to end up giving, the forward will have to sign for 6 months, and leave the following season as a simple option. They will always permeate the fact of adding a forward in better shape and with a future.

At 30 Morata has been in a secondary position for several years and that pays for itself. So if he surrenders, they extend the loan with Atlético until the summer of 2023, or else he returns. There is also the issue of his file, that the way things are going is unsustainable and it should be the protagonist who lowers the boat.

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If everything goes well, it is expected in the following days for a medical examination

However, and despite all that has been speculated, it seems that everything has been said. Morata is clear that Barcelona is a good place to start again, with a coach he knows and to whom he has displayed all his confidence. Everything is at the expense of the release of the Italian club from which it is hoped that there will be no problem.

A good measure to succeed Sergio Agüero, and a good element to work in the way the coach wants. At least that’s how they recognize him in Catalonia, knowing that his past is complex since it is preceded by his merengue training and his sung fanaticism for the mattress.

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