Home Sports FC Barcelona prepares revenge on PSG for the Dembelé case

FC Barcelona prepares revenge on PSG for the Dembelé case

The French footballer will continue to be linked to the Barça club until the end of the season

The soap opera Dembele It’s not over yet and FC Barcelonato has already prepared a revenge. A revenge that points directly to PSG, who in recent months have signed Messi at zero cost and is the great favorite to take Dembelé for free, who is not going to extend his contract.

In this situation, the azulgrana club is also very attentive to the players who end their contract at PSG to sign a player who can improve the current squad. And among all of them stands out a high-level footballer who has already been on the Blaugrana radar on previous occasions.

Di Maria Athletic
The Argentine winger has not signed a renewal with PSG

Di María, the perfect revenge of FC Barcelona for the departure of Dembelé

In the month of June, Ángel Di María ends his contract with PSG and FC Barcelona will be one of the teams that will try to sign him. The Argentine footballer, who maintains a great relationship with Messi, has never closed the door to the Barça team despite his past at Real Madrid and has the approval of Xavi, who would be delighted to have his services.

Xavi’s decision with the Dembelé problem at FC Barcelona

At FC Barcelona there are moments of tension and without a doubt a good part of it comes from the crossover between Xavi and the board of directors led by Joan Laporta. And it is that in the last hours it has been known that the coach has warned that he intends to use Ousmane Dembélé to the extent that he feels it is necessary.

Absolutely adverse situation to what is currently known, since the footballer himself has rejected his intentions to renew his contract, losing any possibility of sale in the future. So the idea was to keep it ostracized, until before this release.

Joan Laporta does not sleep thinking about the renewals of FC Barcelona

A disrespect to the authority has applied Xavi in ​​the FC Barcelona that has no explanation for the administrative authorities

When the player, on the advice of his representative, decided not to accept any offer in the winter, and apart from that he refused to lower his financial claims, the ostracism plan was activated. He was not going to play until he left the team and that would complicate things for him considering that he would arrive without rhythm wherever he wants to go.

But the sports official thinks another thing, that beyond the arrival of Ferran and Adama, he continues to believe in the Frenchman. So if he sees it necessary, and if he is in better condition than his teammates, he is the one who is going to play. The idea is to keep the level very high, and follow the predictions at the beginning of the course to the letter.

The problem now is for those who have recently signed

With this news everything is twisted and completely. There is not much room left for the appearances of recent investments in the team, assuming among other things an added value that adds up against everything that has been projected. Ferran had been important, and it is believed that Adama could play the other band.

It will be necessary to see in any way what happens, and if Xavi’s challenge is finally consummated. As far as Dembélé is concerned, he seems set for an English club, which has been able to match his financial pretensions by reaching a level too high for someone with the legacy of injuries and poor performance that he treasures.

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