FC Barcelona makes room for Aubameyang thanks to Atlético

In Catalonia they believe that the African is the best option to establish a replacement in the face of the probable loss of one of its stars

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has definitely lost weight on the scaffolding of the Arsenal from Mikel Arteta, a situation that puts him in danger of leaving and with many shouts of falling on his feet in Xavi’s project at FC Barcelona. The Catalans are the main creditors to that chance, taking into account that there has also been an internal trigger that has ended the forward’s relationship with his coach.

It shows in the formations where it is no longer even taken into account. And it gets worse as the days go by, because in addition the London club is fighting hard to stay in the zone of Champions League. To all this, Barcelona knows that it has options, the same ones that appear once it has been known that the Athletic goes straight for Ousmane Dembélé.

Aubameyang Seville
In addition to the lack of discipline, the attacker’s athletic performance comes from more to less.

Even knowing that the dispute is strong for Aubameyang, FC Barcelona has the power to decide if before it adds the value that Atlético has promised

Making the parallel, we must put in that same line the options provided by Atlético in the Dembélé case. The colchoneros have been carrying out conversations and will put on the table a significant sum of money to support future movements. Thus, in addition to getting rid of his high salary, he could specify this signing that would add experience and quality to the upper zone of his attack.

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Aubameyang was already on the wish list before and ended up being rejected due to the complexity of its operation, something that has already been limited a bit and gives open opportunities to all. In matters of dispute, Juventus from Turin and Newcastle appear on the road, which are still dangerous but have something against it and it is that sporting glory that the Gabon-born wants to fulfill before the end of his career.

Juventus of all the most dangerous

Already analyzing the rivals, it has recently been known that the bianconeros have in their hands a complex weapon to control. Arsenal have been looking to sign Kulusevski for a long time, and could use him as a trade alternative to raise their expectations. Now, that it is a chance does not mean that it is the best and that is where purely personal positions come into operation.

Newcastle, for example, proposes to take him for free, but to change he puts a token impossible to reject. Thus, the only thing left to FC Barcelona is to continue to wait, fighting with their weapons and appealing to the player to be the one to make their decision. If they sign him, they add a powerful forward of reference, with speed, strength, passing game and a lot of accumulated goal per season.

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