FC Barcelona chooses a substitute for Bellerín: Valladolid trembles

Apparently the coach of the Azulgrana club has already made the decision not to have the former Arsenal side anymore and would already have his replacement on the agenda, a promise from the Pucela team

Definitely the coaching staff FC Barcelona is with Xavi in the decision to no longer have the right back Hector Bellerinand get your substitute. Fortunately, the former Arsenal’s contract is signed until the summer market of next year, so in the winter they will try to get out and thus save the salary of those remaining 6 months.

While the sports management of the blaugrana box solves the Catalan mess, at the same time works in the relief of that band since Sergi Roberto it is not a guarantee either. Besides, Alejandro Balde He is a left back who is working on the right, but at times it is uncomfortable for him. The solution then lies in the signing of a player who this season is being a revelation in the Valladolid.

  substitute bellerin
Iván Fresneda is not a starter but in the few games he has played he has already convinced several teams in Italy and Germany.

Barcelona wants Bellerín out in January to go for his replacement, Iván Fresneda

The 18-year-old winger, Iván Fresneda, is the new jewel in the crown of the Pucela team. In the 7 games that he has played and without having to start, he has beaten several teams in Italy, Germany and LaLiga Santander. And it is that he cule club He is not the only one who follows in his footsteps in the national income.

Atlético de Madrid and Sevilla are also managing their contacts to test the signing of the promising winger. That is why Mateu Alemany wants to speed up Bellerín’s departure and thus be able to have the place available for the 18-year-old boy. Even so, the job is not easy since Valladolid does not want to part with it so easily.

Ronaldo has already ruled on the replacement signing of Bellerín in Barcelona

The maximum shareholder, owner and president of Valladolid has already ruled on the idea of ​​selling his 18-year-old promise. Ronaldo was clear and forceful and will adhere to the Fresneda clause, which amounts to 30 kilos. For teams like Inter, Milan, Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund, it is a feasible operation.

For its part, Barcelona wants to convince the Brazilian businessman to agree on a loan with a purchase option to execute in the summer of 2023. The economy of the Culé club is a bit disrupted with the number of signings they made in the last summer window. The problem is that Ronaldo will give the winger the first to put 30 million euros on the table.

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