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FC Barcelona Alert at FC Barcelona! Alexia Putellas’ operation complicates her renewal Mairenis Gomez – December 27, 2023 – 2:50 p.m

Alexia Putellas’ operation postpones the extension of her contract with FC Barcelona

Alexia Putellas, the star of FC Barcelonawill undergo knee surgery this Wednesday, a necessary operation after he tore his cruciate ligament in July 2022. This operation, carried out on the same day as a crucial meeting for his renewal at the club, temporarily interrupts the negotiations.

The procedure, considered routine and without major complications, is carried out after months of discomfort that have prevented Putellas from performing at their best. The focus is on ensuring your well-being and optimal performanceonce this medical test has been passed.

Operation Alexia Putellas
The priority for Alexia and Barça is now her recovery and physical condition to ensure that the captain of the team and the Spanish national team is back to 100%.

Details of the negotiations for the renewal of Putellas with Barça

Meanwhile, on the contract front, some changes have occurred in Putellas’ extension negotiations with Barça. Although the financial offer remains at just under one million euros, the club has adjusted the term of the proposed contract from three to two years. These negotiations, leaked to the press, have made the relationship between the player and the club even more complex.

Putellas’ importance to the team is undisputed. His influence on the field and his leadership are fundamental for BarçaAnd Its renewal is a key element in club planning. However, the current priority is your health and recovery after surgery.

The health of Putellas and its impact on women’s football

Alexia Putellas’ health condition and the result of the arthroscopy are of great interest not only for Barça but also for women’s football in general. Her career as a two-time Ballon d’Or winner and her influence on the field make her a key figure in the sport. Putellas’ recovery will be a pivotal moment not only for her career, but also for the future of women’s football worldwide..

Recently, Putellas had a meeting with FIFA President Gianni Infantino in Saudi Arabia, where important projects such as the creation of a Women’s Club World Cup were discussed. His participation in these conversations underscores his role as one of the most influential voices in sport.

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