FBI warns of crypto-related human trafficking

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warns US citizens to watch out for crypto-related human trafficking. According to the US security service, fake advertisements are circulating to come and work in the Southeast Asian region crypto industry. Then the victims have to scam others against their will.

Fake jobs for crypto scams

At first glance, the advertisements seem very positive: Flexible jobs with a good salary, a nice working environment and work experience in another country. However, this dream image quickly turns into a nightmare when the passports are confiscated upon arrival. The victims are held against their will and often work extremely long hours. Under pressure, one has to commit large-scale scams, often using crypto scams.

The FBI’s message is primarily aimed at people with US citizenship. However, according to the report, the primary group that falls prey to the scams is of Asian origin. The vacancies, mainly posted on social media and job boards, offer all kinds of positions: IT service, call centers and even technical support jobs in beauty salons. Travel expenses are reimbursed and ‘lucrative bonuses’ are hinted at.

Things start to stink when the job location changes during the job interview. After the passports are confiscated, the migrant workers are intimidated, exploited and exhausted. Often unnecessary costs are charged as a result of which employees build up a ‘debt’, which then has to be paid off with long working days. This creates a position of power for the scammers with complete control over the victims.

How to protect yourself

The FBI message contains several tips to ensure that people do not fall prey to this form of neo-slavery. When looking for a job, one should thoroughly research the company one is applying for. You should also avoid jobs with unbelievably good salaries and facilities. If people want to migrate, they must inform acquaintances and family well and pass on the company’s contact details.

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Countries often have protocols that provide protection when migrating. If you fall prey to labor fraud, try to reach the nearest embassy of your nationality.

earlier we already wrote about a massive circle of crypto scams that was rolled up in the Philippines. The more than 1,000 liberated victims had working days of up to 18 hours. Social interaction was prohibited and passports were taken away. The victims were forced to scam people by forming fake romantic relationships with unsuspecting (often older) people.

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