Faye Webster tells us about the collaborations and ideas behind her album Underdressed at the Symphony

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We took advantage of the release of her new album and had the opportunity to talk to Faye Webster about this album, collaborations and much more.

This March 1st Faye Webster releases her fifth studio album, Underdressed at the Symphonywhich is a continuation of his style of laid-back folk that isn’t afraid to delve into the sounds of rhythm & blues, and well, We notice a hint of psychedelia that works very well.

Working with Lil’ Yachty on “Lego Ring” is wonderful where the two authors show us how two sonically distant worlds can be reconciled. They even took everything to the next level and released a game like the one we saw in the video clip (which can be seen here, by the way).

We interviewed Faye Webster about her new album, collaborations and more

Regarding his new album, We had the opportunity to speak with Faye Webster in person about this releasethe collaborations for this new project and Of course we are trying to find out when he will visit our country.. Check out everything this talented young artist told us here.

Sopitas.com: Hello Faye, thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Faye Webster: “Clear!”

Sopitas.com: Regarding the title of the album, how did you come up with the idea, are there any anecdotes?

Faye Webster: “Um, while making the record I went to see the symphony in Atlanta a lot and it became a big thing for me. I don’t remember how I did the symphonic part of the song, but it occurred to me to remove the words and insert a sensual image there. This part was taken over by whoever plays strings and keyboards in the band, he duplicated everything and the result was a fake symphony“.

Faye Webster
Faye Webster/Photo: Getty Images

Sopitas.com: Does music take a back seat when we look at the dress code for attending a concert? Is there a dress code for your concerts?

Faye Webster: “Yeah, I think people can think what they want about the title, although I agree that happens, and (about the dress code) I don’t know!” I don’t think so, but my friend who takes photos, usually photographs fans, they make their t-shirts and it’s very cute.“.

Sopitas.com: At Corona Capital 2021 you played at sunset, which was very fitting to hear you live. Do you have the ideal place and time to play your music live?

Faye Webster: “Not necessarily, but for some reason I like playing festivals when the sun is shining.”

Faye’s fifth studio album, Underdressed at the Symphony There are moments of sincerity that reveal personal aspects of the guitarist and singerlike in “Wanna Quit All The Time” or “EBay Purchase History”, which more than one of us identifies with after buying things we don’t really need.

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Sopitas.com: Faye, there are quite intimate songs on this new album. Is it liberating to say what you’re keeping? For example, where does “eBay purchase history” come from?

Faye Webster: “Yes, of course, that’s why (liberation) I practically write songs. (“eBay purchase history”) is something very personal for me, it happens to me often. It feels childish and happens to me often.“.

Sopitas.com: We love “Lego Ring”. How did the collaboration with Lil’ Yachty come about? Whose idea was it for the video to have your own video game?

Faye Webster: “We’ve been friends for a while, we both live in Atlanta and do things together. We’ve done songs before, so that was another thing I told him. We both love them very much. (About the video) My friend Kyle directs all of my visuals for this project, he is the mastermind behind all of this and he was very good“.

Sopitas.com: We love Let’s start here by Lil’ Yachty What were you thinking?

Faye Webster: “It’s literally one of my favorite projects of 2023, I love this album so much.”

Sopitas.com: There are new effects options on this album that sound good, the vocal effects on “Feeling Good Today” a bit Auto tuneHow did you choose it? What else was new when recording this album?

Faye Webster: “I just wrote it like that, I was on my computer with autotune on, I felt like it was unnecessary, but that’s how it happened. We recorded at Sonic Ranch, something new, living at home together, waking up and going to the studio and being very isolated, that was very good.”

Sopitas.com: Recently, Lil’ Yachty controversially stated that rap is in a terrible state. What role does folk play today?

Faye Webster: “I do not know! But it’s a great and difficult question. I feel like the roots will always be there. I’ve always had a flair for folk music. “I always found my roots there.”

Sopitas.com: Are you returning to Mexico soon?

Faye Webster: “We’ll see, we have a pretty busy 2024.”

Undressed at the symphony It is available on all digital platformsand Faye begins a tour of the United States at the end of the month, continuing in Europe in the summer, returning to her country in August. We hope to see you here with this new album, which represents a solid discography for lovers of today’s folk varieties.

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